The Hermitage Andrew Jackson's Home | Nashville, Tennessee            

St. Paul's Lutheran Church | Fort Wayne, Indiana

During and after restoration

Restoration of Fort Sumter | Charleston, South Carolina.
Reclaiming brick and stone lost to the sea | Restoring this historic treasure.

Grove Park Inn | Asheville, North Carolina

Fort Sumter | Charleston, South Carolina

Lee County Courthouse | Leesburg, Georgia          

Kentucky State Capitol | Frankfort, Kentucky

Parks | Plazas Projects

Edgar County Court House | Paris, Illinois

St. Agnes | Mingo Junction, Ohio

Buildings on Broad | Charleston, South Carolina            

Greek Orthodox Church | Dayton, Ohio

Scioto Mile | Columbus, Ohio              

Scioto Mile | Columbus, Ohio             

J.P. Morgan Chase | Indianapolis, Indiana

Religious Projects

Today, Midwest Maintenance is a leader in building restoration for historically significant structures – buildings that are on the National Register of Historic Places and newer buildings that will one day be added to this list.

building restoration services

Shrewsbury Windle House | Madison, Indiana

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Our Portfolio

Residential Projects 

with historic significance

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Captain Roland Roberts Home | Abaco, Bahamas

Texas Governor's Mansion | Austin, Texas

​​​​​​​​​​Historic building restoration services and preservation of America's architectural landmarks.  800.537.4664

Twin Stone Arches Culvert | Troy, Ohio          

Commercial Projects

Government Projects
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​​​​The Four Major Impacts of Architectural Restoration