“I believe architectural preservation affects the well being of us all — it preserves our rich American heritage found in each community.  As we preserve structures for generations to come, soon the second generation of our family will be preserving the high standards of Midwest Maintenance.”
William R. Meyer, 


Our Purpose            

A family legacy focused on preserving history

Our Mission              
We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional workmanship and extraordinary service.

Our Core Values
Do the right thing
– all the time.
Integrity – live up to the highest standards of fairness & ethical behavior.
Respect – the wishes, rights or traditions of others.
Professionalism – our employees represent Midwest Maintenance, Inc. and are the reflection of our standards.

Our Core Strengths
Family Strong
Diverse & Skilled Craftsmen
Pride in our Reputation
Continue & Grow Relationships


Restore.   Preserve.  Honor.

We are honored to have hundreds of awards line the walls of our offices
This is a direct reflection of our commitment to
our clients, quality craftsmanship, the health and safety of our employees, caring for our environment and restoring and preserving America’s architectural treasures.

From America’s historical architectural landmarks to more contemporary, energy conscious designs, we are leading the American movement to preserve our rich architectural heritage.  As a comprehensive historic building restoration and preservation company, we have been entrusted to preserve America’s cherished historic buildings for modern use, while maintaining their distinct architectural style and increasing their value and longevity.

Founded in 1979 by William R. Meyer, Midwest Maintenance Inc. is a family owned and operated company that has been built on a solid foundation of Midwest values and a respect for both our clients and the character, beauty and details of historical architecture.

We have grown into a prominent architectural  restoration company and it has been our privilege to restore structures of historic significance and preserve our American heritage. These cherished historical structures are more than brick and mortar, stone and glass —they are the heart of our communities.
  To best serve our clients, we honor the original architect’s intent and restore the building by using authentic materials that meet the standards of the original builders, cutting-edge technology, strict health and safety procedures and certified skilled craftsmen.

Knowledge.   Experience.  Performance.

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​​​​The Four Major Impacts of Architectural Restoration

As a licensed General Contractor specializing in historic building restoration services, we are committed to high standards that preserve our nation’s irreplaceable historical structures. Our corporate culture is one that instills quality, safety, community, and sustainability, while successfully completing every project on time and within budget.

Operating in 14 states across America, we view architectural building restoration as much an art as a science and manage each project with unsurpassed attention to detail. We employ our own certified craftsmen who work to minimize the destruction of the historic fabric of each building and preserve these architectural treasures. Our highly skilled and experienced craftsmen are more than an integral part of our company — they are family. 

Safety.  Certifications.  Inspections.

Restoration of any occupied structure, especially of a historic nature is not achieved without planning, teamwork and constant attention to detail.  Likewise, the welfare and safety of the building’s occupants, pedestrian traffic and our skilled craftsmen begin long before work commences on a project

Our company hired an independent consultant, Road To Safety, that works specifically with all of our projects.  The consultants make unannounced site inspections for infractions, conducted safety seminars for the employees as well as make suggestions to the Project Manager for future safety issues for the next focus of work.  Midwest Maintenance, Inc. currently has a signed contract for this firm that expands their focus to oversee all site related safety issues for all of our projects in all the states we are licensed in.

Every two years our company brings all the employees from all states for a week long safety intervention. We bring different companies to show demonstrations for example Dayton Power and Light and American Scaffolding.  Road to Safety comes in along with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation to educate the employees on all aspects of Construction Safety.  On the off years we have (2) day safety interventions utilizing Road to Safety and The Ohio BWC for safety education. 

Our company has strong roots in sharing all the education that is out there for our employees. Each year the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation has the Ohio Safety Congress & Expo held in Columbus, Ohio every year.  This Congress offers strategies and tools essential for a healthy productive workforce.  Our company also registers for this safety informative event to benefit our organization. 

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